Book in a . . .

The Outside: (25 pts)
Choose any container for your book project. You may choose any container that suits your needs or theme of your book (manila envelop, paper bag, plastic bag, can with a cover, box, or any other container that you can imagine. Be creative!) Decorate the container with details appropriate to the book. We should know something about the book by examining the outside. Include things like the title, author, setting, and characters. Be sure your name and title of the book are present.

The Inside: (75 pts)
The inside of the container should include the following materials and activities pertaining to the book.

____1. Questions - Write 10 questions that could be answered by reading the book that you have chosen to read for this assignment.  Include the answers too. (25 pts.)

____2. Vocabulary - A ten word glossary of unfamiliar words from the book and a short definition for each word. Each word needs to be used in a new meaningful sentence. (25 pts.)

____3. Literature Elements: The following elements must be presented and labeled somewhere in your project: you may include these things on your container or choose to write a paragraph with these elements. (25 pts)


1. Setting(s)
2. Character(s)
3. Conflict(s)
4. Climax
5. Resolution (how was the problem solved)

Presentation: Students will present their Book in A ... project to the class. They will explain the following: why they decorated their container as they did, the five items and at least 3 of the literature elements. (25 pts)






Grading Rubric

____  5pt Container size, shape is appropriate for theme of book
____  5pt Decorations neat and eye appealing
____10pt Decorations convey theme of the book
____  5pt Some elements are represented (title, setting)

Questions -
____ 10pt ...10 questions

____ 15pt…the 10 questions have answers

Vocabulary -
____   5pt ...10 words in a glossary
____ 10pt  words are all defined
____ 10pt words are each used in a meaningful sentence

Other -
____  25 pt…Literature Elements are included somewhere in the project or in paragraph form

____ 10 Book in A ... requirements: Discuss decorations, 1 question, & 3 elements (title, setting, etc)
____  5 Voice strong and easy to understand
____  5 Eye contact with audience
____  5 Presentation poise - not using distracting movements, standing tall, no gum or hands in pockets.


_____ / 100 Book in A ... Total Grade