Transforming the Nation

The Telegraph Helps Communication

Samuel Morse Telegraph History Morse Code Wikipedia Telegraph-West Telegraph-West II Telegraph Photo Video - Bell


Transcontinental Railroad

Two Railroad Companies

The Effects of the Railroads

Railroad Workers

Western Railroads Transcontinental Historic Photos The Builders Gold Spikes The Trains Central Pacific RR Union Pacific RR Building the RR Impact of the RR Video - RR Video - RRII


Settling the Great Plains

The Homestead Act

The Exodusters


Settlers Face Hardships

Settlers Adapt to the Great Plains

Growing Crops

Homstead Act

Great Plains Atlas Sod Homes Pioneer Life Frontier Shelter Westward Museum The Exodusters

Kansas Exodusters Bonanza Farms Wikipedia North Dakota Fargo Farms Wheat Farms

Mechanical Reaper Farmers' Discontent Mississippi National Grand Farmers' Alliance Video - Settlers Frontier Life


Texas Cattle

Demand and Supply for Cattle


Cattle Drives

Life on the Drives

The End of the Drives


Joseph McCoy Wikipedia Chisholm Trail Cowtown Museum

Wyoming's Trails American Agriculture American Frontiers Black Cowboys Buffalo Bill Museum More Black Cowboys

Vaqueros PBS - The West Cattle Brands Buffalo Bill Museum America's Old West Cowboy Songs

Barbed Wire Sheep Wars Cattle Kingdom American Frontier Video Video - Cattlemen


War on the Plains

Sand Creek

Battle of Little Bighorn

Wounded Knee

Destruction of the Buffalo

Chief Red Cloud The Black Hills Little Big Horn Little Big Horn II Wounded Knee Wounded Knee II Ghost Dance Chief Big Foot Sitting Bull Reservations Plains Indians

The Nez Perces Chief Joseph Nez Perces Photos Sand Creek

Geronimo Sand Creek II Cochise Texas Apaches N.A. Indians Apache Indians

Western Railroads Chief Black Kettle Cheyenne Cheyenne for Kids Buffalo Hunters Railroads & Buffalo The Buffalo Museum - West Video Little Big Horn Video - Buffalo

Government Policy

Trail of Tears Trail of Tears Cheif John Ross Cherokee Nation Indian Removal Act Treaties Indian Reservations Assimilation The Dawes Act End of Assimilation Video Trail of Tears Video - Assimilation

A Time of Invention

Inventions for Home and Work

Alexander Graham Bell

Thomas Edison


Elijah McCoy The Real McCoy Industrial Revolution A Time of Invention Remington & Sons The First Typewriter

Margaret Knight Bell More about Bell Bell Museum Bell Timeline Thomas Edison

More Edison Still More Edison Lots of Edison Life of Edison

Big Business


Companies Grow Larger

The Labor Movement


Bessemer Process Henry Bessemer The Steel Man Bessemer Book Andrew Carnegie Richest Man - World

Samuel Gompers More Gompers More Carnigie Standard Oil Labor Unions Labor Timeline

John D. Rockefeller Rockefeller Rockefeller II

Immigrants in America

Arriving in America

Immigration Stations


Immigration American Heritage USA Immigration Ellis Island Ellis Island II Ellis Island III

Ellis Island IV Angel Island Angel Island II Angel Island III


Living in a New Country

Hard Times for Immigrants

Laws against Immigrants


Immigration History Tenement Life Melting Pot Assimilation Railroad Workers

Immigration Acts

1866 1882 1891 1907 1917


Growing Cities

Moving to the Cities

Good Location

Chicago Booms

Changes in the Cities

Helping Each Other

Time of Reform

The Progressives

Making Changes

Government Reforms

Working for Equal Rights

Voting Rights for Women

Struggle for Racial Equality

The Great Migration

More Sites of Interest

Mine Shafts Federation of Miners Steam Power Southwest Mining

Western Mining The Gold Rush PBS Kids Leadville Colorado Gold

Gold Rush Minorities Ghost Towns Mining Towns of CA Oregon Woman & The West

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