Water Rockets

While studying Newton's Laws of Motion, We had the opportunity to launch some water rockets.  This peeked the interest of many of the students, as well as their teacher.  So, I took it upon myself to hunt down some water rocket web sites.  Some of them have diagrams as to how to build launchers while others are just selling low priced, tame rockets.  Posted below are the results of my search.  I am going to build myself a "Big Bertha" to play with.  They are relatively safe, fairly easy to build, and most of all, loads of fun.

N.E.R.D.S Water Rocket Home Page.  University of Nebraska

This is the new launch pad that I am going to build.  I think it could be modified to launch any sized rocket.

The Water Rocket Playground


Big Tex.  Check out this 4 booster bad boy

The Ultimate Water Rocket Index

A Cheap (in more ways than one) Water Rocket

Rockets Away

NASA's Home Page

Easy to make rocket


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